We love to cruise, especially when its at Stromlo.  I met Martin and Juliane for a lap of the proposed track on the Thursday before the race….we had an absolute ball and then couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces!  Roll on Saturday.

Chris was lined up for the 10km cruise and I was going for the 80km, while some special folk were taking on the massive 100 mile challenge.  A cool Canberra morning greeted us and I was soon on the start line alongside some familiar faces from The Berm – one of Pedal 4 Pierce’s great supporters.  The usual start line banter was soon having us all in good spirits and ready for a cruisey day of singletrack fun.

The trail up to the top of Stromlo was a real winner for me as I knew how good the decent was going to be and also how fine the rest of the loop was, taking in the greats of Slant Six and Part Line.  I made good times and was happy to catch up with Chris after each lap to make sure he was ready for his race and that he was also being kept busy with timing and the kids races.

I was soon 3 laps down and Chris gave me the good news that he had won the 10km race, as he put it “I smashed it Dad, it was heaps cool”.  Following on from his podium appearance he put on his race marshal cap and joined us all on the big loop.  He rode with a few mates from work, which he absolutely loved, just ask him about the loose back wheel falling off one of the marshal’s bikes!

On the last lap I met up with Chris and my work mates which was really cool…after a quick hello I was off and soon racing up to the finish line.  I felt really good after the ride and was soon joined by Chris and the boys from work and we all had a good chat and a laugh about the day.  After helping with the pack up we were soon off home and Chris was able to tell mum about his great ride!

Thanks to all those who volunteered, especially Kelly, Paul, Rob, Glen and Mark….we really appreciate your support.