After getting excited for weeks prior to this event, Chris sadly had to stay home after a nasty crash and the previous weeks club race which saw him unconscious and rushed to hospital (mainly to ensure his bike was OK!).  So I made the lonely trip up to the Jet Black 12hr at Dargle Farm with my bike and sound system for what is one of the two most pumpin’ long distance rides out there!  Ben from The Berm filled in for Chris with team riders Tark and Jamie completing our awesome foursome.  The day was picture perfect with clear blue skies and a rocking start with the choons pumpin’ – as Martin said “now that’s how you start a race!”  We had a sensational team line up and some very quick laps were laid down, I had to pull out my best to try and keep the times consistent!  As day became night, I swapped my helmet for headphones and cranked up the sub to put some bass in the place and rock out an whopping 4 hour DJ set to get those in transition and those riding in high spirits for the next lap.  The team placed in the top 10 and was a fitting result as we rode for Chris.  We also had a mega raffle which raised $1,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia… a massive thanks to Rocky Trail and all the riders who supported this.